Based in San Diego, CA, Mitchell Hall is a retired US Navy SEAL and currently consults for various companies in the Entertainment, Athletic/Outdoor, and Defense Industries.

Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Mitchell Hall joined the US Navy in 1990, at 18 years old and succeeded in training to become an elite US Navy SEAL. Over the span of 21 years, Mitchell’s career included 9 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and numerous other locations. He is the veteran of 4 national campaigns, was a Navy Special Warfare SEAL Instructor, and was the research and development/acquisitions department head for the west coast SEAL Teams. Mitchell is a highly decorated SEAL and Silver Star recipient, the third highest combat award.

Mitchell’s duty stations included SEAL Team Three, Navy Special Warfare Development Group, the Navy Special Warfare Center and Navy Special Warfare Group One. 

Throughout serving in the Navy, Mitchell Hall continued to pursue his other passion of triathlon and competitive cycling. He is a nationally ranked triathlete and top masters cyclist. He competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships 3 times. Actively competing in endurance sports is a staple in his life.

Mitchell is concentrating on consulting in the entertainment industry and open innovation product development. He has worked on three major films. A personal story was used in the 2012 film, Act of Valor. In 2012, he was the technical adviser for the critically acclaimed film Zero Dark Thirty. He worked directly with the Oscar Award winning writer and director to help with set design, story/script concept, and to make the actor’s movements, speech, etc. as realistic as possible. Mitchell was a technical and stunt adviser on the set of Lone Survivor. Working with the director, he helped with everything from using the correct gear to using the correct language and also played a minor role. He is a member of SAG and recipient of the Best Stunt Ensemble SAG Award in 2012.


Stephen is a recently retired Navy SEAL with 24 years of active duty service. Immediately upon graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Navy and went to Basic Underwater Demolition School BUD/S. Stephen was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team TWO where he specialized as a SDV Pilot, small arms marksmanship instructor, and scout/sniper. In 1999 Stephen successfully screened and went to Naval Special Warfare Development Group. During his 11 years at the command, Senior Chief Sanders successfully completed 10 combat deployments to both OIF (Iraq) and OEF (Afghanistan). During his combat tours as an assault team sniper and team leader he was awarded the Silver Star and five Bronze Star medals for heroic actions while engaged in National level HVTcombat missions, among other medals and awards.

Before retiring, he started his own consulting business, (TIER ONE GlobalConsulting LLC) specializing in soldiering skills, combat shooting, austere high altitude jump training, and lead climbing rock courses to government agencies. In 2012 he was the Lead Military technical advisor for Man Of Steel, and in 2013 he worked on Batman vs Superman. He directed and did stunt coordination on several commercials for private companies. Today, Stephen is one of three owner operators at VI Shooters Inc. Teamed up with his two friends and work colleges they have focused on providing the entertainment industry with a product that is second to none.