Drama comes from truth; entertainment comes from stories; authenticity bridges both. 

Details separate truth from fiction. In the world of entertainment, the technical details are rarely done right. Drama exists organically in real world scenarios without having to artificially inject it. We provide a comprehensive approach and single point of contact for production. We specialize in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry, from writing, script consultation, casting, training, props, principal photography assistance and stunts, through post-production. We can bridge the gap that sometimes exists between departments. This results in reduced time lost, lower costs, and makes the production process run efficiently.

War has evolved. Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures are more complex and dynamic than in any other generation. Thought processes, mindset, and motivation for the most elite first responders has also changed. The previous standard is no longer good enough. To accurately tell these stories, you need people who were there, who fought, who learned, who taught others.

War is fought by individuals, and supported by organizations. The staff of Six Shooters interfaced and operated with nearly every government organization from the early 90’s to present. We maintain current relationships across a broad spectrum of combat and enabling entities, providing access to subject matter experts that would otherwise be inaccessible. 


Six Shooters assists in crafting authentic, unforced, verbiage and scenarios, ensuring they are parallel with other scenes and verbiage throughout the project. The earlier this interface occurs, the more impactful the collaboration. We recommend this be done at the inception of the project so we do not get into a “fixer upper” situation. Writers grow attached to their contributions and become reluctant to alter material once they settle on it… and it becomes intertwined with other story lines. It is better to avoid a problem, then to attempt to fix one already in motion. 


There are traits that separate the top one percent of warfighters from the rest of the world. Not everyone fits in that mold.

Six Shooters assists during the casting process to ensure potential selections not only have the “look”, but the physicality, coordination, and ability to portray an authentic character.


There is no substitute for experience. No amount of verbal discussion provides the insight and accuracy of an immersion into our world. Six Shooters specializes in creating environments that expose actors to the realities of the characters and environments they will be portraying. We focus on mindset and motivation, with layered competency in weapons handling/manipulation, movement, and actions. Our boot camp offers an opportunity that allows the actors to have a real insight to the world we’ve lived for multiple decades.


The face of warfare is constantly changing, and so are the tools used to fight it. A great story told with dated or inaccurate equipment has no credibility. For those that know what to look for, small mistakes are glaring. At the highest levels, Operator equipment is specialized and unique. Some equipment is sensitive; some is hard to source. Often vendors will not sell to the entertainment industry. Six Shooters maintains relationships with warfighting commands still actively engaged, as well as the industries and vendors that service them. We can assist your prop master with everything from selection to sourcing.


We provide guidance to departments to properly depict the assets (helicopters, gunships, fixed wing support). Having the correct tools is important, but you must know how to use them. Military assets have capabilities and limitations that are often overlooked, or ignored. Six Shooters provides on-site/on-set principal photography assistance, ensuring accurate and proper depiction of assets, equipment, and operators.


Six Shooters staff are uniquely capable, and offer stunt capabilities ranging from advanced skydiving and aerial stunts, to rock and alpine climbing, as well as all aspects off road driving and riding.  We can also assist your stunt department in preparing stunt personnel with technical, and mission specific requirements.  In addition to stunts, Six Shooters can provide choreography specific to the battlefield environment, to include accurate reactions to small arms fire, rockets, explosions, as well as appropriate counter actions.


Six Shooters recognizes the critical role of post production and are experienced in each facet.

We provide comprehensive services covering the entire post production process, from consistent and accurate VFX, authentic automated dialogue replacement (ADR), realistic sound effects, to marketing input and guidance.